I'm Katrine, part coffee lover, part graphic designer, newbie  grandmother, in the midst of my midlife journey and your host at The Mermaids Coffee Club!

I am passionate with connecting people, exchanging experiences and inspiring my fellow sisters like you, to get results on your efforts for a balanced healthy, wealthy and more happy life.

With my 58 times round the sun, spouse number two, stepmom of three, living in my 4th country... I have experienced a thing or two about being a woman on this beautiful planet. Also a serious diagnosis (MS at the age of 42) taught me about stress, diet and healing!

My mission is to ignite many lighthouses of global communities, for women to connect locally and globally, to teach and learn from each other, to support and nurture the divine feminine together, for re-connecting and grow awareness of our uniqueness as the feminine creators our future generations need as rolemodels.

So, you, Dear Sister, Daughter of Mother Earth, you are invited for tuning up your volume of a good life, within the Oceans of Possibilities, and to meet a tribe of beautiful Mermaid sisters globally. Don't hesitate to join. Let's get on to this mission together. 

I look forward to meeting you too!

Much love

🧡 Katrine
Your Mermaid sister, host, trainer, and mentor.