Looking at life as a playground of infinite possibilities can easily become overwhelming to think of and can end being our biggest obstacle to not achieve anything at all.


Therefore it's essential to learn some tools and train using them. Being aware of the universal rules, within the law of attraction will change your life. Being alive is supposed to be an experience of fun and joy and everyone deserves to thrive - also you. But we are all tested with a vareity of challenges and everyone need some inspiration. Come have a coffee in the Mermaids Coffee Club. You are invited. 

Mermaids  join The monthly Zoom Calls,  where we spend time together, sharing our experiences and supporting each other by  listening and holding space.

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Due to the worldwide health related situation, we will also invite Practitioners and other qualified guest speakers to deliver additional important information.

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The basics for a health in balance doesn't have to be complicated to achieve. Mostly it's about looking at habits and making some adjustments in your daily routines. To Knowing what is best for your body's biochemistry is key.

To have a good night’s sleep and feeling empowered when you wake up in the morning isn’t always the norm. To feel fit and strong and being able to do what you want, without pain can also be a challenge. Having challenges with weight is also symptoms from unbalanced biochemistry.

Join Monthly Zoom Calls, where we spend some time together, sharing knowledge on basics for our wellbeing. Due to the worldwide health related situation, we will also invite Practitioners and other qualified guestspeakers to deliver additional important information.


Having a secured and steady income has changed radically the past decade. A job is no longer a guarantee, and our retirement fund might not even cover our needs, as we also get older than first assumed.

A traditional Job is no longer a match to how we as women and people with families, are sensitive beings with other needs, to thrive in todays modern world. Technology is serving us, and society has changed. You can be your own boss and create your future life, without struggling alone.

We are able to invite you to see  possibilities and solutions that can empower you and your family into  balanced abundance in the future. Where you with advanced technology get to oversee your economy by attaining the millionaire’s mindset and practising a solution with endless support for gaining your wins. Ask for this special program.


Are you happy or are you struggling to reach your goals? Do you know what you want?
When we know what we want and do what we love, we automatically vibrate on a higher frequence of possitive energy, feeling joy. 

I am a Certified Trainer of Infinite Possibilities from Mike Dooley. I offer different packages of training and courses. So you can start working on your happiness by learning The Universal Laws of attractions.

This is not Airy Fairy or Fluffy Puffy. It has Scientifically been proved that the way we think, speak and act has a huge impact of the experience we get in return.

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